Steel Partners was founded in February 1990 as a private investment firm by Warren G. Lichtenstein. Since that time we have invested in the United States, and a dozen countries throughout Europe and Asia. We have also launched several successful private investment partnerships, including Steel Partners L.P., Steel Partners II, L.P., Steel Systems L.P., Steel Partners Japan Strategic Fund L.P., Steel Partners China Access I L.P., as well as certain co-investment partnerships.

In December 2008, in order to preserve an investment strategy that successfully served both the company and its investors since its inception, Steel Partners restructured its business. The result was the creation of Steel Partners Holdings L.P., a global diversified holding company that owns and operates businesses in a variety of industries through majority owned subsidiaries, associated companies and other interests.

On April 10, 2012, after fulfilling stringent regulatory and financial reporting requirements, the company became listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: SPLP).

As long-term investors, Steel Partners Holdings L.P. has focused on enhancing value through the implementation of operational excellence and corporate strategic restructuring programs, including the Steel Partners Operational Excellence Programs, the Steel Partners Purchasing Council, and Steel Partners Corporate Services.

Today, our consolidated holdings have more than 13,400 employees in 115 plants and facilities – totaling approximately 13 million square feet across 20 countries around the globe. Furthermore, according to each of our holdings’ most recent year-end financial reports, the combined revenue would be in excess of $3.6 billion, with substantial profits and cash flow.

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