Steel Partners Holdings L.P. is a global diversified holding company that engages in multiple businesses through consolidated subsidiaries, associated companies and other interests. It owns and operates businesses and has significant interests in leading companies in various industries, including diversified industrial products, energy, defense, supply chain management and logistics, banking and youth sports.

We work with our companies to increase long term corporate value for all of our stakeholders and shareholders utilizing Steel Partners Operational Excellence Programs, the Steel Partners Purchasing Council, Steel Partners Corporate Services, balance sheet improvements, capital allocation policies and growth initiatives.

All of our programs are focused on helping SPLP companies strengthen their competitive advantage and increase their profitability, while enabling them to achieve operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Steel Partners Operational Excellence Programs include Lean Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma and Strategy Deployment to reduce and eliminate waste.

Steel Partners Purchasing Council serves to consolidate purchasing power and gain economies of scale on material purchases, freight, maintenance and repair items, office supplies and others key areas, with the opportunity to further reduce expenses by expanding this to includes insurance, IT, banking, real estate, legal, human resources, tax and audit.

Steel Partners Corporate Services seeks to combine various management functions and reporting lines in order to reduce corporate overhead and public company expenses.

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