Jack Howard


Jack Howard has served as President of the General Partner of Steel Partners Holdings L.P., since 2009, and its Secretary since September 2011. He has been a member of its Board of Directors since October 2011. He has also been the President of Steel Partners LLC and has been associated with Steel Partners LLC and its affiliates since 1993.

Since July 2005, Mr. Howard has been a Director of Handy & Harman Group, Ltd., and has also served as a Director of DGT Holdings Corp., since September 2011.

Mr. Howard served as Chairman of WebFinancial Corporation, from June 2005 to December 2008, as a Director from 1996 to December 2008, and its Vice President from 1997 to December 2008. From 1997 to May 2000, he also served as Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of WebFinancial. From February 2007 to June 2007 Mr. Howard served as a Director of SP Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (SPAH), a company formed for the purpose of acquiring one or more businesses or assets, and was its Vice-Chairman from February 2007 until August 2007. He also served as COO and Secretary of SPAH from June 2007 and February 2007, respectively, until October 2009.